Our Way Of Doing Valentine’s Day


It is common for couples to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. If that works for you, great. For me, I find that Valentine’s Day often drives up restaurant volume and hysteria, while driving down food quality. That’s why, since our first Valentine’s Day, 15 years ago at Syracuse University, Laura and I celebrated by staying home and cooking surf and turf.

Specifically, that means steamed lobster and grilled ribeye steak. This year, we also had boiled fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus. We started the night with a bottle of Prosecco in front of the fireplace, and saved some for the lobster-butter sauce. Then we had a bottle of Rioja with the meal. Laura also whipped up a chocolate pudding mouse in the Crock Pot, and served it with vanilla ice cream. Pretty good.


Oh yeah, we also enjoyed dinner with the kids. And after putting them to bed, we sat down to watch Shades of Ray.

That’s our way of doing Valentine’s Day.

What’s yours?

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Published by Max Kalehoff

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