New Yorkers Stampede Trader Joe’s


I admit I love Trader Joe’s, so much that I drive fifteen miles out of Brooklyn, NY once a month to the Larchmont, NY store to stock up on kitchen essentials. (It’s conveniently located near my father’s house in bordering New Rochelle, so a visit to one implies a visit to the other.) Laura (my wife) and I were very excited about the brand new NYC store in Union Square — so much that we decided to make it the final destination of our Sunday afternoon date. Well, we arrived and it seems that every other New York couple also decided to make the new Trader Joe’s their weekend destination. There was a line down the entire block — easily hundreds of people waiting there for hours. I love Trader Joe’s, but it was cold and getting late. We just jetted home on the F train.

Request to Trader Joe’s Management: Please open a store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, or nearby. You’re one of the few chain stores that don’t piss me off.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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