Magic Carpets

We had our three-year-old son’s parent-teacher meeting this morning. All went fine, though I walked out with a new appreciation for rugs.

Indeed, rugs are important. They introduce color and texture to the ground surfaces we live in and walk on. That is not insignificant. I also have deep respect for rugs and carpets because DuPont Stainmaster and Antron (high-end carpet fibers) were my clients at my first marketing-agency job after college.

But the rug in my son’s nursery school classroom was special (I found a picture of the same rug, above). It came from the four-year-old classroom upstairs. In fact, it was removed from that class because it caused an uprising. This particilar rug had all of the letters in the alphabet stiched into the perimeter. The problem was that the students in that class were highly aware of the first letter in their names, and there were multiple students who shared the same first letter in their name. When it was circle time, half the class would compete and fight to sit on his or her letter. Chaos ensued. Hence, the rug was removed and it now sits in my son’s class.

Lesson? The unassuming can be powerful.

This post was written and transmitted from the subway on my Blackberry, so please pardon spelling errors and brevity.

(Photo credit: geekanachronism)

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