I’ve Entered The OnlineSpin Zone!

My status as a MediaPost columnist has changed: As of today, I’m no longer a monthly SearchInsider columnist. Instead, I’ve become a weekly Thursday OnlineSpin columnist, focusing on broader issues in media, marketing and technology. The platform is a neat combination of email (push publishing) blog, comments and RSS (pull publishing and interactivity). Here’s the intro to my debut column, and I promise I’m nearing the end of all commentary on the ad-agency-sues-blogger saga:

Dissecting The Warren Kremer Paino Advertising Social-Media Storm

Greetings, OnlineSpin readers. You may know me from the MediaPost SearchInsider, but today marks my debut on OnlineSpin. With a passion for marketing, research, technology and social media, I hope to dish up some new angles for debate. Acknowledging I have strong opinions and definitely don’t have all the answers, I look forward to both your praise and condemnation. Just keep it clean, please! And remember, my opinions are just that: opinions.

To kick things off, I’d like to address the self-inflicted blow of Warren Kremer Paino Advertising. I’ve been more captivated by this drama than my wife has been glued to gossip about Tom Cruise’s increasingly strange behavior.

And you can read the full story and leave comments here. I just wish there was some way to synchronize the comment string on OnlineSpin blog with AttentionMax. Oh well, I guess someone has to own the conversation.


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