I’ll Be Back Soon

Damn! It’s been pretty quiet around here lately — a record-long silence, in fact.

I don’t like the silence, especially since AttentionMax site has long been an important venue for me to express feelings, explore new subjects and crystallize thoughts. This is true for a range of passions, including marketing and tech, work, parenting and family, gardening and cooking, and more.

But more than ever, time has become scarce and priorities have focused on three things: raising two young kids (now three and four years old), being a husband and building a startup.

I’m privileged with the gift of these challenges, but let me confirm: being an Ace — or even a mediocre player — at all three at the same time is difficult.

Hence, the sacrifice of my attention to anything else. I’ve shut many things off, including my presence here.

However, filling the white space and maintaining the idea flow has become a gaping void. So has the feedback from casual visitors and loyal email subscribers.

I’ll be back soon.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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