First Haircut

Julian and I recently got haircuts together — and it was his first. We went to Alberto, my Italian stallion, at Astor Hair in New York’s East Village. I’ve been going there for the past 13 years. Laura came along and produced the movie below. I heard that toddlers hated haircuts, but Julian enjoyed his.

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  1. OMG Max! How adorable! And he sat still! My boys have always had to be bribed with candy! Brody is 1 and is starting to look like he has a mullet–my husband said it's time to get it cut, but I don't want too!

  2. Cooper really enjoyed his first hair cut as well. It was his second cut that was difficult for us to wrangle him.

  3. Wow, that brings back memories of all kinds. I cut my son's hair for years and then, when he became a professional actor at 6, he booked enough jobs to keep his hair trimmed. But, I used to get my hair cut at Astor all the time beginning with a really short boy cut from waist-length hair after a big break-up.

    Julian is an adorable boy and shares my dad's name. Great name!

  4. Thanks all for your comments. Laura, Julian and I tried to make a special occasion out of it (hint…we left Celest with Aliania…it was all attention to Julian). We all had a blast. We got pizza afterward. This was one of the best two-hour diversions from the office.

  5. That was super cute! I can't believe he stayed still, my son used to keep turning his head when he heard the scissors, now he just cries. 🙂

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