Do Real-Time Analytics Stifle Decisions?

Do real-time analytics stifle marketers’ ability to make decisions? That is the premise of my latest MediaPost column:

First of all, think about the fear of not knowing, or not knowing right now. Does that fear consume one’s ability to focus mental or decision-making resources where they should be? You bet it can. Secondly, can constant data streams — the ability to see trending as it happens in the real world — cause marketers to delay making timely conclusions and subsequent business decisions? What is the propensity to believe a trend will turn favorable, or more complete and comprehensive, if you just wait one more day? It can turn into a vicious cycle, and the impact can be had on a range of decisions, from short-term to long, and trivial to strategic.

For the solution to real-time data addiction, see my full column here.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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