Mourning In The Age Of Social Media

Relationships – whether physical or virtual– are essential components of life, and one inevitable thing in life and relationships is death. So it is natural that the mourning process – not yet intuitively associated by most people with the Web – will increasingly expand online.Read the rest

Only In My Thirties, But Feeling Old

I’m not too far into my thirties, but I’m feeling old…

  • Scott Donaton of AdAge says that his 9-year-old is really the one to ask when it comes to determing how media should redefine themselves.
  • I was at a meeting last week when Shelly Palmer of Advanced Media Ventures Group told the story of how his three-year-old nephew came to visit and claimed the TiVo was broken.
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Edd Kalehoff Makes Love To The Moog Synthesizer

You should check out the recent documentary about the late Bob Moog, humble visionary and inventor of the synthesizer. This was a milestone invention, which had a massive influence on music over the past 40 years. Edd Kalehoff – my father and one of the most prolific television music composers of the last 30+ years – was friends with Moog and one of his earliest beta customers.Read the rest