Advertising Is Moving Into Content And Feeds, Because That’s Where Attention Is Going

While everyone gets excited over “native advertising,” the challenge remains that nobody can agree exactly on what it is — or isn’t. Or if it’s something that has existed for a long time — or hasn’t. Not only has the term native advertising become a cliche, its frequent usage to describe the indescribable has made hearing it somewhat tiring.… Read the rest

Forrester Is Wrong, Facebook IS Committed To Marketer Success

Last week Forrester Research published a report criticizing Facebook for its shortcomings to marketers. It was countered quickly by many leaders and journalists in the marketing community, who criticized the analysis, methodology and tone — such as fellow Spinster Joseph Jaffe, Matt Owen of Econsultancy, Andrea Huspeni in Entrepreneur, and Rick Munarriz in USA Today, among others.… Read the rest