Bob Garfield To Write Book With Help From Blogosphere

I’ve met Bob Garfield a few times, and I thoroughly enjoy his sarcasm and ability to see past the bullshit and articulate what’s really going on. He reminds me of myself in some ways. (If only the old stodgy NPR listeners who listen to his On The Media radio program could enjoy what he’s really like at a social gathering.) So I’m very excited that Bob is writing a book based on his recent Listenomics story. He writes on his somewhat new blog:

A year ago, I wrote a long piece called "Listenomics" (registration required), about how open-source principles are already changing the economy and the society, and how the world of marketing is therefore being turned upside down. It was a sort of manifesto on consumer control, and it generated an enormous response.

Well, now comes "Listenomics: the Book," which I’ll be writing right here, in this space, over the next 18 months. With your help, I hope.

The idea is to put it together, chapter by chapter, with ideas, criticism and corrections coming from all of you out in the Bobosphere. (You may think of it this way.) It’s no wiki; I’m the sole author. And it will be owned lock, stock and hypertext by my employer, Crain Communications. But who cares? It’s being produced in full public view for public view.

I look forward to following and contributing.

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